torsdag 24 september 2015

My Goodness..

The Dwarfs photo Character0820-20Sneezy_zps4e669bb0.png
“How Did It!
 Night Ladys Star
How did it get so late so soon..Its night before its afternoon..
December is here before its June..My goodness how the time has flewn..
How did it get so late so soon..
Dr. Seuss
 Night Ladys Star

onsdag 26 augusti 2015

Snow White's Life's Quotes!!!

Snow White photo 1_zps6bfe6b0d.jpg
“Hello my friends listen to this”
Night Ladys Star
Yesterday had passed.. Tomorrow is future..
Today is a gift that is motivation driven..
So keep your destination fueled..
So the wheels keep spinning..
Night Ladys Star
Love always Snow White

måndag 10 augusti 2015

Äntligen är sommaren tillbaka..

Snow White photo bild02_zpss9mi4z8a.jpg
"Godmorgon mina vänner"
Vad nytta är sommarens värme..
utan vinterns kyla som ger den dess sötma..
Night Ladys Star
Njut av dom båda för det gör jag..
Var sak har sin tid..
Night Ladys Star
Kram Snow White

torsdag 23 juli 2015

Snow White no I have not seen her ..

Snow White photo ddd_zps8e9d870e.jpg
“Apple Magic”
By Margaret Hillart
Night Ladys Star
 In every single apple lies
 A truly magical surprise.
 Instead of slicing down,
 slice through
 And watch the star
 appear for you!
Night Ladys Star
The Queen
The Witch Moroni