tisdag 4 december 2012

I Love Snow..

Snow White
Night Ladys Star
"It’s December"
I don’t want rain and +10 degrees..
I want it to be cold and a lot of snow.
Can we please have a White Christmas this year...
Night Ladys Star
"The Snowman"
Once there was a snowman..Stood outside the door..
Thought he'd like to come inside..
And run around the floor..
Night Ladys Star
Thought he'd like to warm himself..
By the firelight red..Thought he'd like to climb up..
On that big white bed..
Night Ladys Star
So he called the North Wind..
"Help me now I pray..I'm completely frozen..
Standing here all day..So the North Wind came along ..
Night Ladys Star
And blew him in the door..
And now there's nothing left of him..
But a puddle on the floor..
Night Ladys Star
"Make your own Snowman"
Night Ladys Star
Good Luck and have a nice and snowy week..
Hugs Snow White

2 kommentarer:

Carolina sa...

Hi Princess, it's your favorite time, its christmas time! and bambis and rabbits are singing are dancing with you!
I heard, very close to your territory magic is working very fast Santa Claus..!
Peace, joy and love to you.

Snow White The Survival sa...

Hello Carolina ..
How happy I was to see you again ..
Your page should now be open over Christmas and New Year so I get to see how much I have time next year .. Now I wish you a great second advent ..
Snow kisses from me the first princess Snow White