fredag 7 december 2012

Let it Snow More..Please..

“I Want More Snow"
Night Ladys Star
I love the snow..I'm named after the snow ..
My skin is white as snow..I'm a Snow Princess ...
So Please give me more snow..
Night Ladys Star
Snö virvlande fallande vinande bitande..
Snöflingor faller i en bitande kylig nordanvind..
Glittrande bländande förgyllande glädjande..
Night Ladys Star
Nysnön strålar som en stjärna en molnfri natt..
Lekande skrattande tumlande berusande..
Ivriga barn leker i djupaste vitaste snön..
Night Ladys Star
Hugs Snow White

2 kommentarer:

Carolina sa...

I love snow too and definitely Snow White is my favorite princess of all times.
Kiss your hand, have a super snowed weekend.

Snow White The Survival sa...

Hello Carolina ..
How nice it sounds that I'm your favorite princess .. We got some snow this weekend, but not that much .. But this week, it will be more so we'll have a white and beautiful Christmas ..
Now I kiss you on the cheek, my friend, have a really lovely week .. Hugs and kisses Love Always .. Snow White