tisdag 26 mars 2013

Easter Season..

Easter photo SnowWhite02Easter.gif
"Easter Greetings"
Night Ladys Star
You my friend are one great reason to celebrate
this Easter season..
Wishing you an Easter that's
as special as can be..
Night Ladys Star
"Easter Wish"Easter is a time of love of family and of peace..
It is a time when we say..
A quiet thanks for all that we haveand for all that the future holds..
Easter is a feeling in our hearts
of hope and faith and trust..
Night Ladys Star
It is a day of miracles..
A day when our dreams seem a little closer
a time of retrospection for what has been
and anticipation of all that will be..
Night Ladys Star
And it is a time for remembering
with love and appreciation
the people in our lives
who make a difference...
people like you.
Night Ladys Star
Happy Easter to all of you
Hugs Snow White & The Dwarfs

6 kommentarer:

Carolina sa...

Happy Easter, Princess!!

Snow White The Survival sa...

Thank you Carolina..
I wish you a Happy Easter to..
Hugs kisses Snow White

Jane storm sa...

It means so much at Easter time
To keep in touch with friends
To wish them happiness and cheer
And joy that never ends.
That's why this brings a warm "hello"
Especially for you
Together with best wishes
For a happy Springtime too.

Hugs and smiles
Jane ♥

Mª Jesús Verdú Sacases sa...

Easter have been perfect for me! I really love coloured eggs and the rabbit!

Great pleasure to visit you

Snow White The Survival sa...

Hej Jane..
Tack för besöket och ditt fina påskpoem..Hoppas allt är bra med dig..Ha en fin helg Kram Snow White

Snow White The Survival sa...

Hello my friend Jesús Verdú Sacases ..
Thank you for visiting with me .. Wishing you now have a nice weekend and welcome back ..
Love always Snow White