fredag 25 oktober 2013

Three Friends Sweet..

Halloween photo h01_zpse72a0d8d.jpg
“Halloween Wishes”
Night Ladys Star
Since this is the time for goblins and bats..
Halloween spirits, ghosts and cats..
Weird-happenings and witches brew..
These are the things I wish for you..
Night Ladys Star
May the only spirit you chance to meet..
Be the spirit of love and warm friends sweet..
May the tricks that you are asked to do..
Be a trick to help you gain a friend or two..
Night Ladys Star
So, by tomorrow, pick three friends sweet..
And give them all a Halloween treat..
You only have one day, so hurry..
Leave a treat on the doorstep..
then flee in a hurry..
Night Ladys Star
Snow White

tisdag 22 oktober 2013

Soon It's Halloween..

Halloween photo 04_zps3a36b65e.png
Snow White photo 10_zpse93c1760.png
“If You've Never”
by Elsie Melchert Fowler
Night Ladys Star
If you've never seen an old witch..
Riding through the sky..
Or never felt big bat's wings..
Flopping, as they fly..
Night Ladys Star
If you've never touched a white thing..
Gliding through the air..
And knew it was a ghost because..
You got a dreadful scare..
Night Ladys Star
If you've never heard the night owls..
Crying, "Whoo-whoo-whoo..
And never jumped at pumpkin eyes..
Gleaming out at you..
Night Ladys Star
If all of these exciting things..
You've never heard or seen..
Why then--you've missed a lot of fun..
Because--soon it's HALLOWEEN!
Night Ladys Star
Snow White

tisdag 15 oktober 2013

The Queen Of Doom..

Halloween photo 11-sv-2722e003e901260751cd80f333f041a4.jpg
by Jack Prelutsky
Night Ladys Star
She comes by night, in fearsome flight..
In garments black as pitch..
the queen of doom upon her broom..
the wild and wicked witch..
Night Ladys Star
a crackling crone with brittle bones..
and dessicated limbs..
two evil eyes with warts and sties..
and bags about the rims..
Night Ladys Star
a dangling nose, ten twisted toes..
and fold of shriveled skin..
cracked and chipped and crackled lips..
that frame a toothless grin..
Night Ladys Star
She hurtles by, she sweeps the sky..
and hurls a piercing screech..
As she swoops past, a spell is cast..
on all her curses reach..
Night Ladys Star
Take care to hide when the wild witch rides..
to shriek her evil spell..
What she may do with a word or two..
is much too grim to tell..
Night Ladys Star

onsdag 9 oktober 2013

Att Fånga En Stjärna..

Snow White photo Princess_Snow_White_Clipart_zps92da8b60.png
“Vänner som ni”
Night Ladys Star
Om jag kunde sträcka mig ut och fånga en stjärna
för varje gång ni får mig att le..
skulle hela vintergatan ligga i min hand..
Night Ladys Star
Kram Snow White