tisdag 22 oktober 2013

Soon It's Halloween..

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“If You've Never”
by Elsie Melchert Fowler
Night Ladys Star
If you've never seen an old witch..
Riding through the sky..
Or never felt big bat's wings..
Flopping, as they fly..
Night Ladys Star
If you've never touched a white thing..
Gliding through the air..
And knew it was a ghost because..
You got a dreadful scare..
Night Ladys Star
If you've never heard the night owls..
Crying, "Whoo-whoo-whoo..
And never jumped at pumpkin eyes..
Gleaming out at you..
Night Ladys Star
If all of these exciting things..
You've never heard or seen..
Why then--you've missed a lot of fun..
Because--soon it's HALLOWEEN!
Night Ladys Star
Snow White

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★MaRiBeL★ sa...

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Aurora The Lovely sa...

Never trust anything that can think for itself..
if you can't see where it keeps its brain,,
Halloween is coming soon..

Moonlight sa...

The stars were gone, The night was dark, and soon we have Halloween.. Moonlight

Night Lady sa...

How Like A Queen Comes Forth The Lonely Moon
From The Slow Opening Curtains Of The Clouds
Walking In Beauty To Her Midnight Throne! Night Lady

Vanessa sa...

Yeah-soon it's HALLOWEEN!i cannot wait!

Snow White The Survival sa...

Thanks for your visi Maribel have a grate week and welcome back to my blog.. hugs kisses Snow White

Snow White The Survival sa...

Hej Aurora...
Ja nu kommer verkligen Halloween snart jag känner mig laddad..Håll dig redo Kram Snow white

Snow White The Survival sa...

Ja Moonlight stjärnorna ska helst vara borta på Halloween det ska vara svart och läskigt :-) Kram Snow White

Snow White The Survival sa...

Japp Night Lady du är nattens drottning.. Nu väntar vi bara på Halloween härligt otäckt underbart.. Kram Snow White

Snow White The Survival sa...

Hi Vanessa ..
Thanks for visiting and I also can not wait for Halloween, I want it now :-)
Have a lovely week soon is the Halloween hug Snow White