tisdag 15 oktober 2013

The Queen Of Doom..

Halloween photo 11-sv-2722e003e901260751cd80f333f041a4.jpg
by Jack Prelutsky
Night Ladys Star
She comes by night, in fearsome flight..
In garments black as pitch..
the queen of doom upon her broom..
the wild and wicked witch..
Night Ladys Star
a crackling crone with brittle bones..
and dessicated limbs..
two evil eyes with warts and sties..
and bags about the rims..
Night Ladys Star
a dangling nose, ten twisted toes..
and fold of shriveled skin..
cracked and chipped and crackled lips..
that frame a toothless grin..
Night Ladys Star
She hurtles by, she sweeps the sky..
and hurls a piercing screech..
As she swoops past, a spell is cast..
on all her curses reach..
Night Ladys Star
Take care to hide when the wild witch rides..
to shriek her evil spell..
What she may do with a word or two..
is much too grim to tell..
Night Ladys Star

22 kommentarer:

Aurora The Lovely sa...

Hej Snow White.
Vad kul , nu börja den roliga tiden igen..
Ha en fin helg.. Kram Aurora

Anonym sa...

Hej Snövit.
Vad roligt att se din fina sida och blogg igen.
Ha det bra i stugan med dvärgarna kram Ariel/Maya.

Andro Vids sa...

I really like this one Nicki and the graphic is brilliant also :) I think it was a good idea reopening your site again as it is a very nice Space to call into :) :)

Have a lovely rest of
Tuesday my sweet friend :)

Andro xxxx

Andro Vids sa...

Don't forget to delete one of my duplicate comments Nicki, sorry about that :(

Andro xxxx

Felisberto Junior sa...

Hello! Morning
is true, we have to be careful in the sight of the witches ride ...
Yes, I understand perfectly!
My Facebook is like https://www.facebook.com/felisberto.junior
beautiful week

Carolina sa...

How beautiful! There is always such feeling in your posts... I marvel at your way with words and your ability to find beautiful illustrations of your words.
But... trick or treat! dearest Princess
It's Halloween!!
Be careful, elves, witches & fairies are especially active...
Waw, it's Halloween!! *X)

Have a lovely day.

Snow White The Survival sa...

Hej Aurora..
Ja nu börjar allt det roliga med Halloween och senare jul.. Känner mig laddad.. Ha en fin onsdag så hörs vi senare.. Kram Snow White

Snow White The Survival sa...

Hej Ariel / Maya vad roligt att se dig igen det var ett tag sedan..
Hoppas allt bra.. Ha en fin onsdag och kom snart tillbaka igen.. Kram Snow White

Snow White The Survival sa...

Hi Andro ..
Glad you visited and glad you like the page .. Should have it open to the test and see if I have time for it .. Come back soon wish you a nice Wednesday hug Snow White

Snow White The Survival sa...

Hello again Andro ..
No worries have removed the duplicate now .. It often happens on blogspot that there will be several duplicates I do not know why but I have now removed it .. Hug Snow White

Snow White The Survival sa...

Thanks for visiting Felisberto .. Yes a lovely Wednesday and come back soon ..
Hug Snow White ..
Cis .. thanks for the address ...

Snow White The Survival sa...

Thanks Carolina ..
I get so happy that you enjoy my posts Thanks ..
And yes it's almost Halloween, it must be so much fun ..
Wish you a nice week my friend .. and come back soon ..
Lots of hugs from Snow White

nicki007 sa...

Tack min söta Snow White och ja jag äntar också på Halloween.. Kram Nicki

Bekkie Sanchez sa...

Hello Nicki it's been a long time! For some reason I got locked out of your website for awhile. Don't know why but I still have you listed on Bekkie In Wonderland so I tried the link and here I am! I love your poem! It's nice to see you are still writing and have your website. It's been a long time since Windows Live huh? Have a great weekend! Hugs! Bekkie

Vanessa sa...

Love that poem! Magical!

Snow White The Survival sa...

Tack Tack Nickis Wordpress.. Kram Snow White

Snow White The Survival sa...

Hi Bekkie ...
What a pleasure to see you again .. Nope I have not locked yourself out .. I closed the Night Lady and Snow White because I have no time for them so there was no one to see them ..
I keep most of my WordPress blog ..

Now I open the Snow White back to the test to see if I have time for it ..
Night Lady will have to wait on, I have absolutely no time ..
So now you know my friend Nicki WordPress and Snow White ..
Wishing you a lovely week and health soon at me again with both Snow White and Nicki WordPress .. Love always .. Snow White

Snow White The Survival sa...

Hi Vanessa..
Thanks for your vist have a nice day and welcome back hugs Snow White

Moonlight sa...

Ja Snow White nu väntar vi på Halloween massoe av spökliga kramar Moonlight

Night Lady sa...

Jättefin blogg Snow White..

Ja just nu får vi se till att uppskatta höstens vackra sida det röda gula och orange..Nu ska vi fira Halloween sen blir det att vänta på Kung Bore och vintern..
Sror kram min lilla sessa Night Lady

Snow White The Survival sa...

Tack Moonlight spökliga kramar tillbaka Snow White

Snow White The Survival sa...

Ja Night Lady jag njuter verkligen av färgerna nu och ser fram emot Kung Bores besök Kram Snow White