måndag 30 december 2013

Happy New Year 2014..

Friends photo dd_zps0b5f9e3f.jpg
“Goodbye 2013 - Welcome 2014”
Night Ladys Star
Another Year
Another year, another chance..
To start our lives anew..
This time we’ll leap old barriers..
To have a real breakthrough..
Night Ladys Star
We’ll take one little step..
And then we’ll take one more..
Our unlimited potential..
We’ll totally explore
Night Ladys Star
Happy New Year..
Snow White With Friends
Christmas photo 119_zps8b2de4ba.png

fredag 27 december 2013

God Fortsättning..

Christmas photo 01.jpg
“Stjärnor i det blå”
Night Ladys Star
Stjärnorna tindrade i det blå..
i hus och fönster lika så..
Night Ladys Star
och alla röda tomtar gick..
med vita skägg och luvor på..
Night Ladys Star
Så var julen över för denna gång..
God fortsättning önskar vi er alla från oss alla..
Night Ladys Star
Snow White The Prince
The Seven Dwarfs
Snow White photo SnowWhite07.gif


måndag 23 december 2013

Very merry Christmas..

Christmas photo sw5gty.jpg
“My Friends, My Angels”
Night Ladys Star
I believe in angels
Those helpers who are near
Exactly when they're needed most,
Then seem to disappear.
Night Ladys Star
I know them when I see them
Whatever their disguise
They're patient and encouraging
Resourceful, kind, and wise
Christmas photo Christmas61_zpsb6dbb3a5.png
Yes, I believe in angels
The kind that heaven sends
And I'm surrounded every day
By angels I call friends.
Night Ladys Star
God gave me someone special
When He gave me
A special friend like you
Have a Blessed Christmas!
Night Ladys Star
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Snow White & The Dwarfs
Christmas photo Christmas61_zpsb6dbb3a5.png

fredag 20 december 2013

The Old Fashioned..

Christmas photo d3_zps1d722288.jpg
“Christmas Decorations”
Nothing puts us in the holiday mood..
As much as Christmas decorations..
Festive and cheerful everything is..
For this wonderful celebration..
Christmas photo th42_big.gif
Santa Claus of every style and shape..
And trees so gloriously bright..
All decked out in their holiday best..
To sparkle on Christmas night..
Christmas photo th42_big.gif
Little dolls depicting carolers..
Or perhaps the three wise men..
We discover the little child in us..
As we’re transported once again..
Christmas photo 2.gif
We love so much the old fashioned..
Decorations that go back when..
The style so different than today..
You wonder where they have been..
Christmas photo th42_big.gif
We know you’ll enjoy the festivities..
In your town and in your house..
It doesn’t really last long enough so..
Enjoy it with your Family and Friends..
Marilyn Lott
Christmas photo th42_big.gif
Christmas Dekorations which silly idea..
I hate it and I dont care..
The Dwarfs photo dwarfs02_zps6fe76109.gif

onsdag 18 december 2013

My Christmas Cards..

Christmas photo SnowWhite10_zpsb944366a.jpg
“For you My Friends”
Christmas photo th42_big.gif
Simple Joys little pleasures,
Laughter and smiles in big measures,,
Friends Family togetherness love..
Christmas photo th42_big.gif
The choicest blessing from above
Peace prosperity and happiness to..
All these and more are my wishes for you..
Christmas photo th42_big.gif
Merry Christmas
Snow White & The Dwarfs

måndag 2 december 2013

This December..

 Christmas photo mldchristmasgift2.jpg
Night Ladys Star
This December,..
That love weighs more than gold!
Night Ladys Star
Snow White
Christmas photo Christmas62_zps33dbb5b4.png