fredag 28 februari 2014

The Jungle Book..

Välkommen till Disneys 19:e animerade film!
Djungelboken photo Djungelboken0x_zps00750010.jpg
“Djungelboken hade premiär 18 Oktober 1967”
Night Ladys Star
Night Ladys Star
"Var nöjd med allt livet ger och allting som du kring dig ser..
Glöm bort bekymmer sorger och besvär..
Night Ladys Star
Klappa händerna, stampa takten och svinga dig in i Walt Disney's
mest älskade klassiker genom tiderna Djungelboken..
Följ människovalpen Mowgli på hans äventyr i djungeln..
tillsammans med den trogne pantern Bagheera
den jazzande orangutangen King Louie
och den lekfulle björnen Baloo..
Night Ladys Star
Baloo lär Mowgli allt om livets goda, och
om vad riktig vänskap betyder..
Kaa photo kaa-o_zpsc563ce8f.gif
Night Ladys Star
Kung Louie..Shere Khan..Kaa..Colonel Hathi..Winifred..
Night Ladys Star
Welcome  to Jungle Book
Mowgli photo mowgli_zps94a9762d.png

onsdag 19 februari 2014

Welcome if you're a friend..

Snow White Friend photo a56d20c4.gif

“Friends Are Angels”
Night Ladys Star
Our friends are like angels..
Who brighten our days..
In all kinds of wonderful
Magical ways..
Night Ladys Star
Their thoughtfulness comes..
As a gift from above..
And we feel we're surrounded..
By warm, caring love..
Night Ladys Star
Like upside-down rainbows..
Their smiles bring the sun..
And they fill ho-hum moments..
With laughter and fun..
Night Ladys Star
Friends are like angels..
Without any wings..
Blessing our lives..
With the most precious things..
Night Ladys Star
Thank's for being there..
Snow White
The Dwarfs photo rrr_zps2b276913.png

onsdag 12 februari 2014

Happy Valentine.. .

Snow White photo ddd_zps598e26d6.jpg 
"Love Me and The World Is Mine"
Night Ladys Star
Valentine’s Day reminds me..
how meaningful my feelings are for you..
You have a special place in my world..
that no one else could fill..
Night Ladys Star
Out of your overflowing heart,
you add color and light to my life..
Night Ladys Star
You continually cross my mind
like a precious dose of sunshine
lighting me up inside as I think of you
and the lasting memories we have
created together..
Night Ladys Star
No Valentine giftis as precious to me
as you are,my Valentine friend.
By Joanna Fuchs
Night Ladys Star
I wish you all a wonderful Valentine
Lots of love from me to you..
Snow White
Snow White photo original_zps2a400987.jpg

fredag 7 februari 2014

Princess Ordspråk..

Friends photo Frieuy.jpg
“Disney Princess Life Quotes”
Night Ladys Star
Yesterday has passed..Tomorrow is future..
Today is a gift that is motivation driven..
Night Ladys Star
So keep your destnation fueled..
So the wheels keep spinning..
Night Ladys Star
Snow White With Friends