tisdag 31 mars 2015

On The Next Easter Morning..

Easter photo fr5r.jpg
“The Easter Bunny”
by M. Josephine Todd, 1909
Night Ladys Star
There's a story quite funny,
About a toy bunny,
And the wonderful things she can do;
Every bright Easter morning,
Without warning,
She colors eggs, red, green, or blue.
Night Ladys Star
Some she covers with spots,
Some with quaint little dots,
And some with strange mixed colors, too
-- Red and green, blue and yellow,
But each unlike his fellow
Are eggs of every hue.
Night Ladys Star
And it's odd, as folks say,
That on no other day
In all of the whole year through,
Does this wonderful bunny,
So busy and funny,
Color eggs of every hue.
Night Ladys Star
If this story you doubt
She will soon find you out,
And what do you think she will do?
On the next Easter morning
She'll bring you without warning,
Those eggs of every hue.
Night Ladys Star
Happy Easter to all of you
Snow White and The Dwarfs
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söndag 29 mars 2015

Mästerdetektiven Basil Mus..

Välkommen till Disneys 26:e animerade film!
 photo 01_zpsgyhhgmcb.jpg
“The Great Mouse Detective hade premiär 02 Juli 1986”
Night Ladys Star
Missa inte Disneys spännande klassiker..
Mästerdetektiven Basil Mus som börjar en dimmig, mörk kväll i London..
Dockmakaren Flaversham försvinner under mystiska omständigheter från
sin verkstad. hans dotter Olivia och Dr. Dawson söker upp  den berömde
Mästerdetektiven Basil Mus på Baker Street för att får hjälp..
Night Ladys Star
Basil förstår genast att det är Skrället den fruktade professor
 Rottigans medhjälpare som kidnappat Flaversham men varför?
De följer alla ledtrådar och snart är Basil och hans vänner
 ärkefienden Rottigan på spåret..
 photo 04_zps0knvfuoc.jpg
Det visar sig att den ondskefulle Rottigan har planer på
att ta över makten i landet ska Basil Dr.Dawson och
Olivia hinna stoppa Rottigan?
Night Ladys Star
Basil Mus..Dr Dawson..Rottigan..Olivia Flaversham ..Hiram..
Fidget..Drottning Musioria..Bartholomew..Mts Judson..
Dr John Watson..Sherlock Holmes..
Night Ladys Star
Welcome To
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 photo 06_zpsdtjimsqf.jpg

tisdag 17 mars 2015

Jag är sällan ledsen det är jag glad för..

The Dwarfs photo Snow-White-and-the-Seven-Dwarfs-snow-white-and-the-seven-dwarfs-24821795-500-325_zps0bb87cc7.gif
“You Again!!
Can you leave me alone thank’s..
I'm busy and do not like to be disturbed..
Have a great day..
Night Ladys Star

onsdag 11 mars 2015

You Are Evil..

Snow White photo sn01_zpsce731fd4.jpg
“Wicked Stepmother”
Night Ladys Star
In two ways you are evil;
Your lies manipulate a fathers eyes and in the end
I am left to cry
Night Ladys Star
I confess all your untruths yet the only one believed is you
Homewreaker is your occupation and my reactions
are acts of retaliation
Night Ladys Star
In two ways you are evil;
You claim to be a friend and companion to all
but yet you suck the family dry and make
my father crawl
Night Ladys Star
Your an evil **** and a hidden witch
I wish the spark he has for you could be turned off by a switch
You are evil in two ways and for your infidelity you will soon pay
Night Ladys Star
Snow White

torsdag 5 mars 2015

The good ones take talent..

 photo lll_zpsheuxwjnl.gif
"Word Jewelry"
Night Ladys Star
Writing a poem is like making a necklace..
Bead by bead, pattern on pattern..
Complex or simple, colorful or monochromatic..
The good ones take talent, but chance luck can help..
Night Ladys Star
This one for that friend, that one for this day..
Good words like fancy baubles..
Well placed they make the string..
Wrong placed and they ruin it..
Some come easy, some are long thought out..
Night Ladys Star
Snow White