lördag 13 februari 2016

Happy Valentine's Day..

Valentine photo SnowWhite03Valentine.jpg
“My Valentine Heart”
Night Ladys Star
Valentine’s Day is full of paper hearts,
but my heart for you, my friend,
is full of feelings
more precious to me than gold,
as long lasting as diamonds.
Night Ladys Star
My heart for you, my friend
is filled with emotions strong as platinum,
and appreciation for you
worth more to me than any treasure.
My Valentine heart is yours,
my priceless friend.
Night Ladys Star
Happy Valentine’s Day!
By Joanna Fuchs
Night Ladys Star
Snow White

torsdag 4 februari 2016

There is a planet..

Snow White The Queen Witch Moroni photo tumblr_m9rqhs6tLj1rywet3o1_500_zpse44e0ea6.gif
"Snow White"
Night Ladys Star
There is a planet called earth..
Where Snow White lives..
cared by the seven little men called dwarfs..
Night Ladys Star
Away from the jealous eyes
of a wicked queen...
Sharina Saad
Night Ladys Star
Snow White