torsdag 4 februari 2016

There is a planet..

Snow White The Queen Witch Moroni photo tumblr_m9rqhs6tLj1rywet3o1_500_zpse44e0ea6.gif
"Snow White"
Night Ladys Star
There is a planet called earth..
Where Snow White lives..
cared by the seven little men called dwarfs..
Night Ladys Star
Away from the jealous eyes
of a wicked queen...
Sharina Saad
Night Ladys Star
Snow White

2 kommentarer:

Gracita sa...

Nenhuma rainha má será poderosa o bastante para tirar o brilho da encantadora Branca de Neve.
Um dia feliz

Snow White The Survival sa...

Hi Gracita ..
No, now we chase away the evil queen forever ..
Have a wonderful week my friend lots of love from Snow White