måndag 24 april 2017

Dream's are for ever..

Prince Charming photo one_song_by_snowsowhite-d3btts9_zps1be17884.jpg
"Some day I'll find her.."
Night Ladys Star
Snow White pursued by a jelous Queen..
Hides with seven dwarfs in Woods unseen..
Night Ladys Star
The Queen feeds her poison apple submiss..
But I awakens her with a kiss..
Night Ladys Star
Prins Charming..

torsdag 13 april 2017

Happy Easter..

Easter photo aaaa_zps6sit5yp3.png
"The Gift"
Night Ladys Star
What Easter Is
Sweet chocolate rabbits
Pretty spring flowers
Baskets full of candy.
Night Ladys Star
A promise of the future
A gift to receive
A beautiful, perfect plan.
Winter now is over
Night Ladys Star
Easter, at last, is here
Life has been renewed
Night Ladys Star
Happy Easter

måndag 13 februari 2017

Happy Valentine's day..

 photo Snow White 02_zpswpso6sjz.jpg
”Valentines Day Poems for Friends”
Night Ladys Star
A friend is like a Valentine..
Heartwarming, bringing pleasure..
Connected to good feelings..
With memories to treasure..
Night Ladys Star
Seeing a special Valentine..
Brings happiness to stay..
And that’s what you do, friend..
You brighten every day!
Night Ladys Star
Happy Valentine
Snow White
Night Ladys Star