måndag 24 april 2017

Dream's are for ever..

Prince Charming photo one_song_by_snowsowhite-d3btts9_zps1be17884.jpg
"Some day I'll find her.."
Night Ladys Star
Snow White pursued by a jelous Queen..
Hides with seven dwarfs in Woods unseen..
Night Ladys Star
The Queen feeds her poison apple submiss..
But I awakens her with a kiss..
Night Ladys Star
Prins Charming..

torsdag 13 april 2017

Happy Easter..

Easter photo aaaa_zps6sit5yp3.png
"The Gift"
Night Ladys Star
What Easter Is
Sweet chocolate rabbits
Pretty spring flowers
Baskets full of candy.
Night Ladys Star
A promise of the future
A gift to receive
A beautiful, perfect plan.
Winter now is over
Night Ladys Star
Easter, at last, is here
Life has been renewed
Night Ladys Star
Happy Easter